TIRAZ: Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress

TIRAZ is the newly designed centre in Jordan for Widad Kamel Kawar’s collection of Arab dress. This is the most extensive collection of Arab textiles from the 19th and 20th century.

Widad Kawar Collection
Created over the course of a lifetime the collection includes more than 2000 traditional garments, including those for celebration, everyday and religious use. The variety of styles, colours, and patterns reflects 19th and 20th century Arab cultural affiliations and social structures, offering an insight into the cross-fertilisation between Jordanian, Syrian, Bedouin and other Arab cultures.

According to the TIRAZ centre website, ‘the Widad Kawar costume collection represents a story of human beings, and a form of history itself, woven in thread’.

The new website designed for the centre combines photographic images of the garments with computer-generated details of specific motifs.

Jaffa - photographic view
Jaffa - computer-generated motif detail

The Widad Kawar collection has been widely exhibited internationally and will hopefully visit the UK in the near future.


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