Ros Wise botanical themed paintings

Paintings by Ros Wise at the Malthouse Kitchen Bar

Opening 31 January

Malthouse Kitchen Bar, Salmon Springs Stroud

Ros has been painting plants for many years. Recent work is painting plants where they grow naturally and where the human footprint is at a minimum. Her aim is not botanical representation.

Ros Wise botanical themed paintings

‘’When I stand in front of a wonderful, riotous, colourful garden border or witness the intense variety found in a wildflower meadow I am overcome by a deep feeling of pleasure. Through painting what I see I am trying to capture and communicate all that being there means to me -the energy, colour, variety and beauty of the natural world and its ability to restore and invigorate.

“I paint large so that the onlooker feels they can step into the painting and for a moment be part of it with me.’’

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