Cleo Mussi

Mosaic Artist Cleo Mussi

Stroud and its surrounding areas are full of artists of all kinds. Here mosaic artist Cleo Mussi writes about her practice.
Is your tank half full or half empty ? Mine is pretty full at the moment as I have just been awarded an Arts Council Grant to take my new project “All Consuming” to both Collect at The Saatchi Gallery, London in May and The Museum in The Park, Stroud in July 2014.
Over the past two years I have been developing my next installation of mosaics. Leading on from “Pharma’s Market” this project explores genetics, economics and sustainable practices to create a new mosaic installation with accompanying notes . The resulting exhibition is a story; in the traditional sense of Folk Art, reflecting the world that we live in whilst connecting to bygone days. In this show we come across a mysterious mosaic world .

“All Consuming” is a comment and an observation on man’s evolution within our environment and our desire to consume and collect everything. From “Mitochondrial Eve” we go through a narrative of life size figures exploring energy consumption, agricultural practice, the fable of the bees, clean water, alternative energy and finally the savings bank for the Genome in the form of a modern day ark , our own perfect space ship- Earth.

The image below shows ‘Sucking the Gut’ and is accompanied by the following text:

Sucking the Gut by Cleo Mussi
Sucking the Gut by Cleo Mussi

In an age of Giants
Corporate junk science
Filter Bubbles whilst
Sucking The Guts
For greater GDP
and a one way ticket on the
Super Highway


May 2014 will be a busy time as I will also have work on show in the Select Trail, 10-11th & 17-18th May 2014

Cleo Mussi



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