Material Matters

I (Charlotte Abrahams – design journalist and SIT’s resident blogger) spent last Sunday afternoon immersed in the Museum in the Park’s latest exhibition Material Matters. This is a solo, selling show of work by Matthew Harris, an artist whose work explores the journey of drawn marks across cloth. The finished images are contemplative expressions of colour and texture but, for me, the real appeal of these pieces lies in their physicality. In Echo Cloth, for example, each fragment of cut and hand-stitched cloth is clearly visible, while the ink marks do not simply lie on the surface but within the very structure of the piece.

Matthew Harris Echo Cloth (£3,650)
Matthew Harris Echo Cloth (£3,650)

Harris’ work has been described as expressing a ‘rhythmic cycle of making and un-making’. It is also a perfect merging of textile craft and fine art.

Material Matters runs at the Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud, GL5 until November 3rd. A must-see show for anyone in search of an aesthetically uplifting moment to brighten these wet days. ;


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