Material Developments – Lecture and Seminar Session

Roberts loom in weaving shed 1835
Roberts loom in weaving shed 1835
Shamees Aden - Amoeba Protocell Running Shoe
Shamees Aden – Amoeba Protocell Running Shoe

How have textiles developed and evolved since the Industrial Revolution? How have they shaped lives? How has technology changed the production of textiles? Can textiles be used as a tool for reading social history? Do all cultures interact with textiles in the same way?

This textile history course will analyse modern textile outcomes, focusing on technological, social and cultural developments. We will explore modern material developments from the Industrial Revolution to the present day. The course will analyse at a broad selection of textile pieces and practices from a variety of disciplines, including: fashion; interiors; craft; and architecture.
If you would like to explore modern material developments, join us Tuesday evenings at SGS College, Stroud.

Location: SGS College, Stroud

Date: Tuesday (10 weeks from 14th April)

Time: 18.00-20.00

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