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Select Arts spoke to Sarah Edmonds

Digital and Content Marketing for small businesses ~ specialising in the arts

Like most people, I’ve had a lot of different jobs and never really had a plan. I’ve tried to say ‘yes’ to opportunities but have definitely missed a few along the way. I studied Italian and history of art at university purely to fulfil my desire to travel to cultural places. Working as a tour guide in Tuscany satisfied that urge – shuttling van loads of American tourists to all the main sites, getting my Transit lodged in an ancient doorway leading out of Siena.  Then there was the interior design assistant job at Sir Elton Johns mansion with abstract nudes lining the walls of the conference room – that was interesting.

My experiences go a long way when I’m working with private clients who need marketing support. Every individual or organisation I work with has different needs and works in a unique way – I’ve got to tune into that and find the most effective solution. It’s challenging and hugely rewarding, particularly in this highly charged digital environment. So what makes me different? I work hard for my clients, thinking laterally and creatively in order to get results. Writing creative copy that helps your brand come alive, considered collaborations, effective and original digital content, big ideas and achievable actions.  It’s my business to keep up to date with innovations in the industry, to network, to be informed and present opportunities to my clients. Nothing pleases me more than growth, sales, press coverage, brand awareness and ultimately progress. Take a closer look at my website for the kinds of services I offer – I’m happy to take on one off projects, content writing, digital campaigns, online advertising, SEO audits or a bespoke combination of digital and content support. When you’re a small organisation trying to build your business, you haven’t got time to worry about the nuts and bolts of marketing – let me manage it for you so that you can get on with what you do best.

Promoting painting holidays in far flung places, a brief stint spot painting for Damian Hirst, selling antique glass from a stall on the Portobello Road. Running the press tent at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, managing BBC Events, PR for Cath Kidston, Missoni Home – even promoting shock absorbers! It hasn’t all been glamorous, but I’ve tried.  The thread that has run through it all has always been a creative and visual one. Travel and art have been my primary interests, I keep turning back to them.

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