In conversation with Davina Kirkpatrick

Davina with Ulf
What and who is the ‘driving’ force or major influence for your work?
I work both as an artist and academic (I am a visiting Research Fellow at University of Plymouth). I am passionate about collaborative narrative inquiry, bringing the subjective and the personal within the academy, and the transformative power of creativity and serious play.
I work with materials that have the capacity to produce layered images, that often involve transparency, translucency, opacity and tactility. I enjoy allowing ideas to evolve, shift and change through playing with materials and processes from drawing, printmaking to filmmaking and sound pieces. The ideas I am exploring determine the materials I use. I use walking as a way of meditating, playing with Debord’s idea of dérive, but primarily in a rural rather than an urban setting. A dérive is an unplanned journey through a landscape, mine are often with Ulf!
A couple of examples of walking work created:
She wanders/wonders
I created an embodied response to grief by creating a film of a woman walking in a glass dress in two locations – the Glory Woods in Surrey and Prussia Cove in Cornwall. 
Walking/Not Walking
A film and talk, created with Carol Laidler, looking at what happens when our bodies age and deteriorate, when pain takes over, when movement is hampered. How does a body in pain take part within a dialogue into place and movement? I’m thinking about making an artist’s book with a continuous thread of possibly torn paper that is threaded throughout that has the texts written on it, combined with photographic images on the pages, but this remains a forming possibility.
Lack of touch due to social distancing during Covid 19 has heightened my awareness of tactility, I took this yearning for touch into the studio and this influenced the materials and ways I worked. I wanted to work with some of the walk images but also with what is absent now and for the foreseeable future.
I have spent the last 13 weeks not going to the beach, missing the wide open vistas of a littoral landscape, where my red dog can run free, breathing in the saline-infused air and hearing the repetitious rhythm of waves against land. Conversely, I have been walking my dog Ulf locally and mostly on the lead as we are frequently traversing farmland. I have spent a lot a time looking at his furry back legs, he always wants to be ahead of me. I have delighted in finding new footpaths and bridleways and working out how they join and work together to form a network of birdsong, spring wildflower scent and hedgerow colour. These walks have allowed alone thinking and being time as I adjust to a new shared lockdown life with my dad, who came to visit for 5 days and is still here, at the time of writing this.

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