Kim Norton ‘Chalk’

Earthbound: a fascination with what lies beneath our feet is a project with artists, Kim Norton and Jane Ponsford.

Both Jane and Kim work with materials collected or foraged from different environments to explore materiality and their site-specific creative responses.

They are engaged in a collaborative exchange project, called A6. This involved each artist sending a series of parcels of collected and made objects, to which the other responds. The only rule is that they work within the A6 paper format.

Kim Norton Ceramic artist and designer ”It isn’t necessary to always reach an outcome or to achieve a final object. 
The journey through exploration, research and experimentation can be just as rewarding.  Pushing material, and breaking conventional rules and expectations through process-led making can reveal a new visual language” 
In an age with few opportunities to slow down, seclusion, retreat and quiet are at the core of Kim Norton’s work. 
A large part of Kim’s  interdisciplinary practice involves working site-specifically, exploring scale and making work that focuses on how we interact with spaces and the impact these works have on the human senses. 

Jane Ponsford

Jane Ponsford is an artist and papermaker based in London and South East England. She works using repetitive processes, constructing sculptural forms made up of hundreds of near identical fragments to make book works, sculpture and installations. Current preoccupation is with materiality and process in response to place. I am interested in working with the materials of particular settings and landscapes, the chalk and clay and silt and the traces that they leave. Working in response to specific places has become increasingly important to me; and all my work; whether employing papermaking or not, involves getting traces from particular spaces or landscapes.

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