Competition Brief: Head Adornment – Select Festival 2017

Stroud Festival Competition 2017For Select Festival 2017   (29 April – 28 May)  we are pleased to announce a creative brief  with prizes, in association with Stroud Festival.

We   are launching a competition to find  the most innovative, inspired, original, creative, fantastic and glorious head pieces that you can come up with.

Brief to create an original creative head adornment

  • The head adornment or head dress should be made out of natural materials or recycled/reclaimed materials – or can be made using both.
  • The piece should be original and not a copy.
  • You can use limited man made materials to bind or secure but these should not be seen. It is preferable if natural or reclaimed are used.
  • It would be fantastic if the final artwork can be worn rather than being a sculptural piece.


  • The final work will be exhibited in a shop window in Stroud town.
  • The works will be photographed as well and pictures placed on SIT select web and social network
  • The final piece should be ready and completed by 8 April 2017
  • You should provide your own stand for the work which can be a head mannequin or a handmade support or a support that befits the creation.
  • The work will be judged by experts in the textile, fashion and creative industries  and prizes awarded for the most innovative, inspired, original, creative fantastic glorious head piece.
  • The works will be marketed regionally and nationally and images placed on the SIT select website
  • You must register your interest to the SIT select office


  • 1st Prize £150
  • 2nd Prize £100
  • 3rd Prize £50

There may be additional prizes which are being sought.

NB if you are collecting natural materials please respect the environment and do not take anything that may damage the environment.

Contact SIT select

Register Your Interest

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