Coming: The Golden Thread

We welcome Kassia St Clair to Stroud and the Book Festival on November 10th

SIT is delighted to be working with the Stroud Book Festival to bring Kassia St Clair to Stroud on November 10

When we talk of lives hanging by a thread, being interwoven, or part of the social fabric, we are part of a tradition that stretches back many thousands of years. From colourful 30,000-year old threads found in a cave in central Asia, to the woollen sails that helped the Vikings reach America, and the Indian calicoes and chintzes that powered the Industrial Revolution, our continuing reinvention of cloth tells fascinating stories of human ingenuity. Not least here in the Stroud Valleys!

Kassia St Clair is a cultural historian and acclaimed author of the bestselling “The Secret Lives of Colour” and “The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History”, both chosen as BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. We’re delighted to welcome her to Stroud Book Festival where, in conversation with contemporary textile artist Anna Gravelle, she will explain how fabric – “running like a bright line through history” – has allowed us to achieve extraordinary things and survive in unlikely places.

Sunday November 10 at 3 pm Tickets are on sale from Subscription Rooms Stroud www.thesubrooms.co.uk See you there

Kassia St Clair in conversation with Anna Gravelle

Contemporary textile designer Anna Gravelle in conversation with Kassia St Clair on Sunday November 10

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